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Jean Wescott


Executive Producer & Writer


Jean Wescott is a writer and stand-up comedian who has performed at Standup New York, The ​Comedy Cellar​ and The Treehouse Comedy Club in Connecticut. She is one of the all-time top rated writers at the online comedy writing resource ​ under her comedy persona, Bryce Morganthau. As an investigative journalist and published author, Jean co-authored The Midas Touch along with James Cummins. She is also a song writer/singer who traveled the country for 10 years performing with various bands. Jean also created a company called Balloon-a-Tune, a singing telegram company, where she spent five years writing custom song parodies for various individuals and occasions.

Andrew Kennedy

Producer, Writer & Host

Andrew Pic.png

Comedian Andrew Kennedy was sought after by Jean to host the Big Little Film Show. Since we had all found ourselves locked in our homes for well over a year, the thought of creating a show that could be produced in our homes (and to be shared with in yours) seemed -brilliant. Andrew Kennedy is a comedian who promotes diversity and inclusion through comedy. Focusing his humor through the unique lens of a Colombian-born, naturalized citizen, who speaks perfect Spanish, and yet looks completely white. Andrew developed, produced, and starred in his very own sitcom pilot for CBS and his Comedy Central Presents comedy special was voted one of that network's top twenty.

John Malkin

Producer & Writer

John Malkin_edited.jpg

John is a New York City-based writer, musician, producer, podcast host, and stand-up comic where he's performed at numerous clubs including Comic Strip Live, Broadway Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Stress Factory, and the Hollywood Improv. He spent many years in television working for networks including MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, E! Entertainment Television, Fox, NFL Network, and Ovation TV. The Big Little Film Show reached out to John because of his creative comedy writing skills along with his formidable background in television production.  

Erin Lynch

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Erin Lynch.png

Erin Lynch is a comedy dynamo from Connecticut who has a background in producing digital content at NBCUniversal. She spent five seasons at The Jerry Springer Show and The Steve Wilkos Show as a digital producer, finding humor in chaos. Erin is also a stand-up comedian who has performed at Vinnie Brand's Stress Factory, Meadowlands Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, and Greenwich Village Comedy Club. She was a semi-finalist in NYC's Queer Comedy Fest.

Frank Cromer

Content Editor


Frank Cromer, a multi-talented artist, began his creative journey in Ohio, directing his first film at age 14. With a B.A. in Photography and Cinema from Ohio State University, Cromer found his passion for comedy on stage in 1979. He co-founded the Junior Achievement film production company "Titanico" and later wrote and directed comedy shorts and films like "Dead Girls Are Easy" and "TV Clown: the True Story of Flippo, King of Clowns". Cromer's diverse career includes writing for national radio, producing a documentary, and creating animations. Currently, he is working on his second documentary feature, "My Cartoon Life".

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